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What if the secret was not in what you have, or what you think, but in how  you move?

The Alexander Technique is based on exceptionally sophisticated observation, not only by means of vision, but to a surprising extent by using the sense of touch. I noticed with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness, mental alertness

Nikolaas Tinbergen MD

Discussion of the Alexander Technique in his Nobel Prize address.

I find the Alexander Technique very helpful in my work. Things happen without you trying. They get to be light and relaxed. You must get an Alexander Teacher to show it to you.”

John Cleese
, comedian and actor

 “Mr. Alexander has done a service to the subject [of the study of reflex and voluntary movement] by insistently treating each act as involving the whole integrated individual, the whole psychophysical man. To take a step is an affair, not of this or that limb solely, but of the total neuromuscular activity of the moment, not least of the head and neck.”

Sir Charles Sherrington MD
, Nobel Prize for Medicine

"The four year Actor Training Program at Juillard is backed throughout on the physical relaxation and subsequent rechannelling of energy that is inspired by...Alexander Classes."

Michael Langham - Julliard School of Music

"Together with improved physical and mental health, I have found that the Alexander Technique has brought about a general heightening of consciousness on all levels."

Aldous Huxley - Philosopher

"The Alexander technique is a 100-year-old method that helps you release patterns of tension in your muscles and and connective tissue that may contribute to your pain and interfere with your freedom of movement."

Harvard Medical School Special Report

"Lessons in the Alexander Technique taught me how to sit in a state of lumbrosacral poise, and my chronic low back pain gradually became cured. The Technique is true education. Compared to surgery (e.g. for low back pain or for chronic obstructive lung disease) a course of instruction is inexpensive."

John H. M. Austin MD, Professor of Radiology
Chief, Division of Radiology, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY

"The Alexander Technique can help relieve pain and prevent recurrences by correcting poor posture and teaching proper patterns of movement."

Andrew Weil, MD

"The Alexander Technique can be sustaining; it is something that if learned well, can be carried along with you for the rest of your life.
It gives you confidence to be who you are when you are up in front of an audience."

Patrick Maddams

Managing Director, Royal Academy of Music

“This consciousness is really a state of acute awareness”

F.M. Alexander

  Alexander Technique